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Old Ranger Pickup Truck

The Old Ranger is an old, heavy-duty pickup truck decorated with cool, randomly selected objects and shapes. It is the kind of truck that might be owned by an eccentric old fisherman in the backwoods, who has accumulated lots of artsy junk over the years, and uses the truck as a kind of canvas to display all of it.

I was inspired to build the Ranger after I got and put together the Old Fishing Store. I imagined what kind of vehicle the local characters from the area might drive up in to buy fishing supplies, and I came up with this pickup truck. Because there is nothing like it, and its design is inspired by the Old Fishing Store, I thought it would make a great addition to that set.

I think that people who love the Old Fishing Store would think this is a cool set that they could buy and build and park in front of the store. And because it uses so many random pieces, it looks like a unique, one-of-a-kind build. It has an authentic and special feel to it. 

Thank you for your consideration.

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