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Residence Inn by Marriott


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This is a model of the Residence Inn by Marriott, with inspiration taken from various locations around the United States. I built this because I love having miniature versions of places of personal significance. My family often stay at Residence Inns whenever we travel mostly because of the full-service kitchen and the breakfast buffet. This would be a great addition to any Marriott (or general hotel) fan's collection - or if your minifigures are just looking for a cozy place to stay on holiday!

About the Residence Inn by Marriott:
Residence Inn by Marriott is a extended stay hotel chain with over 850 locations worldwide and the first extended stay hotel chain to open in the United States. Launching in 1975 by Jack DeBoer and Robert L Brock, it was acquired by Marriott in 1987. Their official slogan is: "It's not a room. It's a residence."