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Classic Spaceship


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This is a tribute to Classic Space.
The model is a spaceship based off Classic Space but with updated parts. The back can detach and becomes a lab that can be accessed by lifting the roof and side away. The front becomes a single person spacecraft with two cargo boxes in the back to store the precious minerals found on the exploration. 
Inside the lab there are boxes for rocks that the spacemen are studying, microscope, laptop and two alien skulls.
There are four minifigures a blue, white, red and teal spacemen. 

I think this would be a great Lego set as Classic Space deserves to get one last visit and deserves to be brought to a new generation. I know there was Benny in the Lego Movie but I thought we needed a proper set that encapsulated Classic Space.
Space is something that captures the mind of kids and adults alike and kids would love creating there own adventures in space. While adults will love this as a nostalgic blast from there childhood while having a new set that looks great and is very displayable.