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Tricer-Wrek is the coolest cybernetic dino to hit the LEGO universe. Why just mine for that elusive ore when you can thwakk it out of the moon rocks with a stat-of-the art rock-thwakking machine.

Need to take a run to corner store? Let your pet cyber dino do all the work while you take off on your lunar excursion vehicle (LEV). 

Watch out - he's got a temper!

What can it do? 

1) Thwakk rocks with 2 X metal thwakking arms.

2) Pick up ore with its articulating nose arm.

3) Rear back its head to swallow the ore into its belly ore receptacle.

4) Punch out the ore though a side hatch for processing.

5) Pick up big stuff with its heavy-duty tail claw.

6) Cause general mayhem, smash up any would-be intruders.

Oh need to get yourself one of these! 


LEGO did Rock Raiders - COOL!. Then Power Miners - AWESOME!! 

Then Dino Miners ...'AWESOMER'! 



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