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Lego Battlebots


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With two fists and fast movement, these battlebots are ready to fight!

Two punching mechanisms sit on each robot. The target is the opponent's "face". Hitting their face will result in a missle launcher firing, declaring victory for the 'bot that still has one. The quick responses of Lego IR Recievers and endless strategies mean even non-lego enthusiests will spend hours sparring!

Two robots are included: Yellowjacket and Fireball!
An alternative set would have one battlebot and a "sparring dummy" (sparring dummy not shown)
Power is provided with a Lego Rechargeable Battery Box (each) (Lego may replace this with a AAA battery box).
Two servo motors (each) move the punches, and the 'bots use two medium motors to move (each).
Control is provided with two Lego IR Recievers and two Lego Basic Remotes (again, each).

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