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Log Cabin


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This is my latest creation. Log Cabin. This set is placed on a 16x16 baseplate and has a black flat-tiled roof with chimney two glass tinted windows flat-tiled grass in front of each window a door for entry with some flat-tiled concrete right in front and the interior contains a TV and red chair to the right and a small desk and another red chair to the left. The rest of the inside is empty but I will add more interior features and a new outside design in an update. I built this set because I wanted to incorporate a piece of nature into my LEGO Ideas Projects Collection. On the outside I will add some bricks to give it that nature feel. This set would be great for a small or even big LEGO family. It will also provide much fun and playability to anyone who owns it. It could fit in to any LEGO City but would fit right in with an outdoor-style city. This set would sell between $15-$25 US Currency based upon parts. Thanks for the support and let's get this to 100 and beyond!

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