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Portal 2: The First Test


Important Update

Thank You All Very Much For Supporting This Set! This Was The Most Supporters I've Ever Got On A Set, And It Will Probably Be A Little Before I Get This Many Again. Also I Would Like To Thank Everyone For Supporting My Other Sets That Will Almost Expire, But This Update Is Mostly About Portal. (Also Remember To Check Out Future Portal Sets!)

"Thank You For Participating In This Aperture Science Enrichment Center Activity!"


36th Supporter Celebration!

We Reached A Total Of 36 Supporters On The Portal 2 Sets! 


Discussion Update

I Have Two Portal Sets Waiting To Come Out (The Release Date Of The Sets Is My Choice), But Should I Submit A Chell Figure (Hero Factory Or Bionicle Like) Or An Advanced Test Chamber With Light Bridges And Ariel Faith Plates? Vote Witch One You Would Want In The Comments. Also, Thank You Guys For The The Support In This Set And My Other Sets! 


Major Update

In This Update I Updated Chell's Outfit, And Added Chell (Portal: Still Alive Model), Added 2 Different Portal Guns (One For Each Chell), And Changed The Test Chamber (Making It More Clean And Portal 2 Like).


Mandatory Update

I added GladOS (Portal 2 Model) and another Turret because i can and because Turrets are awesome.

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