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RC 911 Turbo 930


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Hi Everyone! 

This is my Lego Digital Designer project in a form of a first turbocharged car Porsche made, aka. 911 Turbo. 
Whole project started spontaneous as I just wanted to make any production looking RC car with a nice interior. First idea was to build something with a nice boxy trunk so I could easily fit the battery and the other components. So the build started of as a boxy drift car but very soon I concluded that if the motor has to be behind the rear axle i must try to make a Porsche. 3 Months later, after hard brainstorming about the design and functionality I am proud to present you my Lego interpretation of a Porsche 911 Turbo (930).

Specifications are next

-2050 parts
-Size is approximately 1:10 scale with 218,4 mm (28s) wheelbase and 171,6 mm (22s) width on the widest section
-Simple looking outside shell but to become complex 
-Very detailed interior
-Steering wheel moves when you turn on a remote control
-PF IR Speed controller + PF IR V2 receiver  
-PF Servo motor for the steering
-PF Rechargeable battery 
-Geared up PF XL motor for rear wheel drive
-Drivetrain connected with double set od Lego chains for better reliability and connection 
-Functional doors
-Front hood reveals mid mounted PF Servo engine, another small hood inside for gear on the steering rack & a small ''frunk''
-There are 2 rear hoods, outside one for the switches (on/off & frequency channel) and the inside one for the cables and final gearing.
-All cables are internally fitted  
-You can race 4 cars on one track

I still can't decide the color combo so the most proposed color will win. Car lacks the suspension but it is made with indoor flat ground in mind which is reasonable for this big Lego System set.
My project is about building, rebuilding, tuning and learning with some power to show of... not to be the best performance RC car but to be the best car to learn about everything that have more performance(If you crash it, you rebuild it). Main idea behind this project is to revive and upgrade Lego System with a big set that will contain all the best essentials for building and tuning your own Lego RC car project. And also, to earn my title as a real Lego Designer.

Big thanks to the Lego Ideas, people who made Lego Digital Designer, Bluerender0005 rendering program & to everyone who supports me.

P.S. Expect updates.