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Crystal Adventure

Crystal Adventure is a Lego board  game that takes your mini-figures on a fun filled journey adventuring through the lands of the the Crystal Kingdom. They will need to overcome obstacles and dress in disguise along the way, on  a mission to find and collect the crystals. 

I designed and built this game to share my love of Lego with my family through enjoying playing the game together. And to inspire my niece with an idea that she could try building with her own Lego collection. 

Crystal Adventure would make a great Lego set because the owner will firstly enjoy building it, they can then share and enjoy the  Lego fun with family and friends of all ages through playing the game together. Later they can enjoy personalising the set using additional pieces from their own Lego collection to add features or even re-imagine and rebuild a land of the Crystal Kingdom. Refresh, re-share and play again - it’s a set that keeps on entertaining! 

The Game

Welcome to the Crystal Adventure.

Enter the wonderful world of the Crystal Kingdom and join an adventure in search of the sparkling collectors crystals. You will travel through the enchanted forest where you may just spot a magic frog hopping about the flowers. Climb the cliffs, whizz down the super slide and splash into the ball pool before discovering a desert island where a pink flamingo rests in the shade of a palm tree.

No rest for you though, you must venture on. You notice the path you follow is crafted from coloured tiles. Each time you land and pause on a tile which matches the colour of your ‘crystal collectors case’ you see a twinkling... could that be a crystal? Yes it is - you’ve found a crystal to add to your collection. On with the adventure! You fear falling into the ‘waterhole’ as you cross the Fountain bridge - you wouldn’t want your crystal to be swept away down the river should you fall in! Step carefully across the coloured stepping stones of the river ‘Lucky Duck’. Will you be lucky here and discover another crystal? Your journey is not yet done... next you must brave the creepy caves where bats flutter above and a web wielding skeleton  is poised to capture travellers who wander from their path. A disguise may be a good idea - on passing a costume crate you choose a funky new headdress to add a bit of extra fun to your adventure - and hopefully give those skeletons a scare of their own! You are nearly there - are you a surfing champ? Your surfing skills could win you an extra crystal! You have finally reached the Royal Bridge - but wait - try to avoid falling down the hole into King Bones’ dungeon - he’ll take one of your crystals for his own collection! You’ve travelled far and wide around the Crystal Kingdom, have found all the crystals or will you venture on in search of some more? 

Playing the game: 

You can play with your favourite mini-figures or Lego Friends dolls. Each player chooses a character and ‘crystal collector case’ - the colour of the brick on your collector case signifies which colour space you must land on on the game board in order to collect a crystal. 

Hide the 21 crystals throughout Crystal Kingdom by fixing them into any places you choose around game board (except for on the pathway). Players can choose any starting point along the pathway to begin. Players take turns to roll the die and count their mini-figure the given number of spaces along the pathway as shown on the die. Each coloured tile (red, green, black, white, brown) counts as one space, as does each coloured step on a bridge, stairs or stepping stone. If you land on a colour tile that matches the colour brick on your collectors case you may find and choose a crystal to add to your collection- find one and take it off the board and fix it into your ‘collectors case’. 

The holes atop the bridges count as one space - if you land on a hole on your final count you fall in and loose one of your crystals - you must take one crystal from your collectors case and choose a place to fix it back onto the game board. A whizz down the slide counts as one move,

as does a step on the surfboard. If you land on the slide on your final count you can whizz down and relax in the ball bit until your next turn. If you land on the surf board you ‘win’ a crystal from a fellow player - choose who you will take a crystal from! Keep playing by taking turns to roll the die and travel around the board until all 21 crystals have been found. When all have been collected the player with the most crystals in their collection wins the game. To add to the fun, each time your mini-figure passes a costume crate they may swap their hair/wig/hat/mask/headdress for any other in the crate. You can also swap with a skeleton as you move through the creepy cave too. 

This game has been made for up to five players as there are five colours which make up the pathway. You could go on a solo adventure, continuing around the board until you have collected all the crystals, play with a friend or two, or your whole family - who will have the most crystals when all 21 have been collected? 

Are your mini-figures ready for an adventure? 

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