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The Batmobile


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The Batmobile

Cruizing the streets at night in his iconic Batmobile, the Dark Knight is committed to protecting the citizens of Gotham City from the villains who would seek to do them harm. 

As recognizable as Batman himself, the Batmobile stands out as one of the most popular vehicles in the world. This rendition does not disappoint as it contains many of the distinctive features of the classic Batmobile designs in a very attractive and modern way.


  • Fully detailed cockpit that has a steering wheel and contains various gauges, lights and indicators
  • Elegant weapons system that includes two mounted guns and two rocket launchers
  • Classic sleek black body design with iconic bat-fins on the back and jet propulsion after burners
  • Rugged oversized tires for negotiating any terrain
  • Specialized attachments to hold Batman's batarangs
  • Exposed engine compartment that compliments the Batmobile's unique design in a very modern way
  • Stylized yellow and red lights in the front and back to enhance the Batmobile's visual appeal

Easy to build and proportionately designed to hold the Batman mini-figure, the Batmobile looks great as part of any Lego display or in action as you recreate your favorite scenes from the comics, TV shows and movies.

For any Batman enthusiast, this is a must have piece that will not disappoint.

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