London Underground

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During a recent trip to London, I got fascinated with the vast Underground network of the British capital. The Underground, commonly called the 'Tube' has its very own atmosphere, with its characteristic Underground logo, round tunnels, street performers, escalators and red, white and blue trains. It's immediately recognizable for people throughout the world and would translate well into LEGO.

I tried to put as much of what I've seen in the Underground into this LDD design. There are many little details, such as a ticket machine, a Tube map, drink machines and a food stand.
The model is made in such a fashion that it could technically be mirrored. This way, you can make two adjacent platforms, with trains going in two directions, just like in the real Tube stations.

I used sloped roof pieces and sloped windows to replicate the typical design of the Underground trains. The platforms are rife with little details such as electronic departure signs, adds, direction signs, an Underground map, chairs and lights on the ceiling of the tunnel.

I designed the Tube logos with bricks, but in a real set these couls simply be printed pieces. Off course I could not copy it exactly because of all the legal stuff and size constraints. I tried to replicate the typical Tube staircase design. I image this looks really cool between buildings in a LEGO city.

I used sloped pieces to recreate the rounded feel of the tunnels. I added the red and blue borders and adds to the walls as well. The track and wheels are just regular train set pieces, as well as the magnets and bumpers on each end of the train.

Escalator. I also added little adds on the walls like in the real London Tube escalators. Grooved pieces make the steps look more like an escalator, although in a real set this could be turned into an actually working escalator with the use of a special type of conveyor belt and gear pieces.