Product Idea |

The Portal Tree


About our model:

This is a special tree - one that holds a portal. This portal can transport your minifigures anywhere you want it to, and that is why someone evil-minded might try to use it. Even though it is well-protected, it is only a temporary barrier for those powerful enough, and that is why your minifigures must stop them, before the LEGO universe falls in the hands of a new and cruel ruler.

Why we built this model:

We thought about all the places that a portal could stay in, and figured that the best one would be in a tree. The bigger and sturdier the tree, the better the portal is protected. So we built for our portal a nice tree.

Why it would make a good LEGO set:

There are many LEGO models of buildings and shorter structures. But a tall one gives the minifigures a challenge, as they are not used to them. You can therefore play for longer, with more aspects to add to the story. Where will your minifigures get climbing attire suited for this kind of tree? What magical powers has the ever-lasting flame next to it? How can villains use the setting to stop your heroes? How challenging can you make it be?