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LEGO Dream Jobs: Number 1 of ... : President of the United States of America

Thinking about potential LEGO IDEAS sets and in general new LEGO sets,

is something that is on my mind all the time as a designer and creative mind.

With this concept i figured it must be something everybody can identify with.

As a child there is no boundary of what you can achive growing up!

You can become a doctor, an astronaut, a LEGO designer or even the president of the USA!


Boeing 747 200-B AIR FORCE ONE

When LEGO release the color light aqua for the FRIENDS sets

the first thing that came to my mind, was that this color is familiar to something i know,

but i couldn´t remember what it was. So collecting more and more of the color at one point

it popped in my head: "Air Force One engine housings!"

That was the spark that started this model.

The model itself is very LEGOlike from a design point of view. Not very complex!

You have propably noticed the modified roof in the cockpit section,

which was important to add to the shape of the black windows.

There is no fitting "shapelocker" for this element so far.

The hull is built in 8 wide with a 6 wide space for interior, which includes the president suite,

communications room/lounge and cockpit.

Next to the model there is the iconic stairs vehicle with the red carpet.

I don´t know the exact partcount,

but with the big shellelements i used for the hull it shouldn´t be too bad.

All in one to me this is a very appealing model with a nice educational and also play value.

Also for the american market and the american fanbase this model should be a fast-selling item.


1 x President

2 x Secret Service Agents

1 x Pilot

1 x Copilot

1 x Stairs Vehicle Driver


I hope for your support!

Kind regards

Alex Jones


What do you want me to design as Dream Job Number 2? Please leave a comment!

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