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1920th Night Express

Welcome to the journey:

Join the overnight train and experience its multiple possibilities!
When you arrive, there is a sophisticated dining car to meet all your demands. The second wagon, a comfortable sleeping car, will throw you back in the golden 1920s.
There you will be able to enjoy the most pleasant way of travelling.
Check in and have a great time.

In the dining car, the well-dressed waiters will serve you a luxurious meal at buyer's option.
Later, you can choose between the big armchairs or your cozy bed.
When you wake up in the morning, you already will have reached your destination.

Last but not least, there is the railroad engine pulling the whole train. The engine is very detailed, there even is a burning fire in the oven.
Finally, the set contains six minifigures: a train driver, two waiters and four passengers enjoying the ride.

For the possibility to view the inside of the train wagons in the pictures, I had to remove some parts, but don't worry, the set is complete. Conveniently, the tops of the wagons are removable, so if you want to take a second look on the inside, no problem.

This is my very first creation, I hope you enjoy the train with its approximately 1900 parts and its many details :)

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