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Monster Expedition Set


The Monster Expedition, Truck, Trailer and Mountainbike? Sort of :)


A swampy set in wich a look at the Vehicles matches the theme's name. Possible new theme for Lego?

I am a big fan of functional, sturdy and very playable sets wich also look nice.

  • The truck has functional steering arms wich can be operated at the back.
  • The suspension also moves and works! So very nice for heavy offroading.
  • It features a bicycle wich can be mounted on the back of the trailer. (Lego does not have a nice downhill mountainbike yet ;) )
  • The trailer features opening doors and hatches so our minifig can sleep or sit in the back.
  • Some windscreen wipers to keep them windows clean :)


When hitting around a 1000 supports, I will order the bricks for this set.

Wich wheel colours should I use for the vehicle? Leave your comment if interested.


The set is made in LDD with 426 bricks. Some minifigs and/or animals can be added perhaps.


Lego builds beautiful offroading sets, but I personally miss the suspension concept and some more features. (in the minifig like scale).

Thanks in advance for your support and hope to be realizing this set soon!


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