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Wind Farm Repair


Oh, no!  There’s been an accident at the farm!

The farmer was having a typical day driving his truck until…  Look out!  The wind turbine has had a serious malfunction!  Help the farmer drive into town for the mechanic before it’s too late.  Guide the trucks through the front gate; then with the help of Daisy, herd the farm animals to safety.  Climb up to the hay mow with the mechanic—but make sure to turn off the turbine’s power first!  Help the mechanic fix the roof and the wind turbine; then take it for a test spin!


  • Includes two minifigures: a farmer and a mechanic
  • Includes a cow, a horse, three pigs, a rat, an owl, and Daisy the dog
  • Accessories include a radio, tool box, shovel, broom, hose, and a bone for Daisy!
  • Wind turbine measures over 13 1/2 in. high, 5 in. deep, and 8 in. wide
  • Spin the wind turbine’s blades for a full revolution, and turn the head 360° so it can catch any wind!
  • The wind turbine is designed to spin in real wind!
  • Add power functions to the wind turbine for even more advanced fun!
  • Barn with silo measures over 6 1/2 in. high, 7 1/2 in. deep, and 10 in. wide
  • The barn includes sacks of feed, a tool rack, 3 stalls, water troughs, an attached silo, and a split hay mow filled with hay!
  • The barn also includes a collapsible skylight function for realistic recreation of the scene!
  • Front gate measures over 2 1/2 in. high, 4 in. deep, and 6 in. wide
  • The front gate also includes two trees, a cobblestone path, and three new signs!
  • Old truck measures over 3 in. high, 6 in long, and 2 in. wide
  • New truck measures over 2 in. high, 5 in. long, and 1 1/2 in. wide
  • Both pick-up trucks feature opening doors, rear flaps, truck beds, and new license plates!


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The big red barn includes everything the farmer needs!  Take hay from the mow or store water in the crates.  Feed the pigs, milk the cow, and groom the horse until all the animals are happy.  Just make sure to close them in tight when you’re done!


The wind turbine towers above the farmer’s land, ready to catch any wind that blows by!  With the ability to point in any direction, this wind turbine can spin in any season or weather.  Because of its modern technology, it has its own control box behind the barn!


When you drive through the front gate, be sure to pay attention to the three signs: Private Property—No Trespassing, Beware of Dog, and Beware of Opinionated Farmer!

Check out the farmer’s old truck and take it for a drive, or cruise around the property in the mechanic’s modern utility vehicle!  Which one would you rather drive?


Do you like your Legos to be unique and advanced?  Upgrade the wind turbine with power functions so you can control its spin!  Just use included pieces to enlarge the top of the wind turbine without changing the general shape.  Adding power functions will make your model stand out!  See below for a comparison.


Thank you to everyone who discovers this project and supports, as well as all who share and help to promote!  If you have interest, please support, comment, follow, and share this project as you are able.

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I am very grateful for all the enthusiasm and constructive feedback that I have received on this system and in support of my ideas.  Thank you immensely for taking a part in this endeavor!


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