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The Sportster space buggy


We all love space rovers/buggies/assault vehicles don't we?  The Consolidated Shipyards Sportster AT-6 can handle any terrain of any class-M planets and most class-G with it's dual motor posi-track running gear.  The AT-6 is able to carry four times the load and travel six times further than the previous AT-4 model and looks 100 times better doing it.

Don't be fooled by the Sportster name, this vehicle can handle any job you have for it.  Stealth for those "investigative" missions, power and strength enough for any military unit and speed for downtime after the mission is over.  Oh yes, you will want to race* your AT-6!

This model comes with a single mounting point for any** equipment you may need on your mission.

**Model shown in the brochure is fitted in Star Justice colours and is fitted with the standard double x-10 Zipper laser**

*Consolidated Shipyards does not condone illegal racing.

**NOT Blacktron2 compatible.

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