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Fisherman’s Hut


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This model is a fisherman’s hut, which traditional fisherman would of lived in. They usually built it out of wood, which they could find in the forest or see it floating down river. They are usually quite small. This one has been turned into a small holiday home and two people are visiting it in the model. I built it because I love the rustic design of the huts, so I built it with the contrasting red roof, to make it stand out. I also made it because I have once stayed in one and it was an amazing experience, and I did it built into a rock because I thought the idea would make it mould into the landscape.

I think this would make a great set because once finished it would look great against a wall, the rock face acting as the wall. It would be a set for 7+ I would say, as the build is in the middle of the difficulty levels. 

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