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Medieval Windmill and Barn

I have always had an interest in medieval design, and when I go to the Legoland hotel, I always stay in the Kingdom rooms, because kingdoms are cool! 
This model includes:
A windmill with full rustic design. (Interior coming in an update)
A vegetable garden behind the windmill, featuring corn and carrots.
A rustic looking barn, featuring two stables for cows, two barrels, hay, and a chicken coop. doesn't have the cow pieces yet, so I used LDD screenshots to capture it.
A medieval family, with a boy, father, and mother. The father has a wheelbarrow, the mother is working the garden with a pitchfork, and the son is feeding the chickens!
I built this because medieval times have always interested me and I like making detailed models out of Legos.
I think this would make an awesome Lego set, first off because it would make an awesome display piece, and second, it would be playable too!