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Wild West Saloon & Bank


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Hi all, and here is my project, The Wild West Saloon & Bank.

(This was made in Lego Digital Designer and rendered with Bluerender).

Details about this project:

  • The bottom floor is a basement storage,
  • The ground floor is a saloon with a trapdoor down to the basement,
  • The second floor is a viewing area above the saloon, with a ladder up to the bank,
  • The third floor is a bank, with a trapdoor down to the second floor,
  • There is a hitching post and a water trough outside.

Each floor is easily removable for play.  Much detail went into this project, and I aimed to make the flooring, walls, and missing windows as random as possible.  This model is completely stable in every aspect and will not fall apart easily.  There are 2647 bricks in all.

The minifigures included are:

  • The saloon bartender, Garry James,
  • The famous outlaw, Quickdraw Pete,
  • The old prospector, Charlie Johnson,
  • The waitress, Laura Wild,
  • The banker, Al Bart.

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