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Beach City


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Lego needs to make a Steven Universe line. This set would be a great product for any Steven Universe fan.

It comes with many areas from Beach City including Steven's room, Amethyst's room, the Big Donut, the Burning room, Gem Warship control room, and Rose's secret armory. The set has 939 pieces. It has 14 minifigures, and all would need printing.

Some pieces would need new coloring: Onion's hair would need to be changed to yellow, Steven's shield needs to be translucent pink, Connie's sword has to be pink, Lars needs to have an orange Mohawk, and Jasper's helmet needs to be dark orange.

The Big Donut will need to have printing in the front (which would be the logo for the Big Donut.

Amethyst's room has gems and trash and weapons all over. Rose's armory has armor and weapons. Steven's bedroom has his bed, his couch and the warp pad. The Burning room has gems all around a lava pit. The Gem Warship has the control room, the engine room ( to replay Garnet and Jasper's epic battle) and the prison cells for Lapis. 

The minifigures it includes are Onion (with replicator wand), Sour Cream (with a guitar), Jenny Pizza (with a pie), Greg Universe (with ribs), Lars (with a pretzel), Sadie (with a popsicle and a pretzel), Steven Universe (with his shield), Connie Maheswaran (with Roses sword), Peridot (with a hammer and drill), Pearl (with her spear), Garnet (wither gauntlets), Amethyst (with her whip), Lapis Lazuli(with a trident), and Jasper (with her helmet and a gem destabilizer).

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