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Purple Space Cruiser and the the Moon


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The Idea:
I was thinking it would be cool to get a set with a classic purple spaceman so I designed this set.

The Build:
The set has 184 pieces and 3 builds they include: a purple space cruiser , a hover rover, and the top of the moon.
The purple space cruiser is black, purple and gold and it has a few transparent purple pieces it is very detailed it has a cockpit for 1 minifigure to sit in and it has a detailed back of the ship with tiled floors and some tools and the ship has some spring loaded shooters. The rover is very simple it is a few pieces and can fit 1 minifigure. The moon is made of bricks with studs on the top and sides it also has a flag.

The Minifigure:
It has 1 purple classic space man.

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