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The Deluxe Townhouse


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Sam and Maria live in the deluxe townhouse with their two little dogs Henry the French Bulldog and Pookie the Chihuahua.

It was designed to fit a half modular sized vacant lot.

The first level comprises of kitchen, dining and toilet while the second level houses the bedroom and shower along with a small balcony. There are curtains for privacy and it also houses Sam and Maria's prized work of abstract art.

The third level is accesible from the reinforced ladder on the balcony it's a sunroom and rooftop garden where Sam and Maria spend much of their leasure time tending the plants and whiling away the hours drinking cups of tea.

The back yard houses a small garage for Maria's Vespa. Unfortunatey Sam is not a big fan of lawn mowing and as a result the yard is full of weeds. The lawn mower has in fact broken down through lack of use and sits idle rusting away. Henry and Pookie enjoy fossicking through the weeds though and spend a lot of time out there playing and eating bones.

The house is a combination of classic and modern styling and is comprised of around 1700 parts, though there is plenty of room for optomisation given a greater libary of parts.

At around 33cm in height the building has a sense of majesty, only enhanced by the beautiful golden elm tree which is thriving out front.

I enjoyed this build (actually my first build in about 25 years) and look forward to your feedback. I also hope that is worthy of your support!

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