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LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man Action Figure


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Tony Stark: Billionaire, playboy, philanthropist... Action figure? The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Iron Man Action Figure is a highly detailed and articulated mid-scale figure or "midifigure" based on the iconic Iron Man Mark 7 armor from 2012's The Avengers film! Featuring 21 points of articulation including poseable shoulder pads and double-jointed shoulders and accessories including removable repulsor ray blasts, unibeam, and Tony Stark hairpiece, this 96-piece figure is perfect for play or display

  • Set includes 106 pieces
  • Detailed Iron Man midifigure based on the Mark 7 armor seen in The Avengers with dark red, golden, and silver armor plating
  • 21 points of articulation
  • Accessories include 2 removable repulsor ray blasts, a removable unibeam blast, and a removable Tony Stark hairpiece

Please support this project to help make the dream of an official LEGO midifigure a reality for builders everywhere!

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