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Forest Adventure


This Forest Adventure Lego set will inspire young ones of all ages to want learn about and explore the beauty of nature. Children will enjoy moving the animals and plant life to different positions around the 360 degree accessible base. The set depicts a colorful and realistic scene which will help children imagine the fun they could have exploring a real life forest. 

This adventure set as 248 bricks, and an easy layout. Putting it together will be fun and not too complicated for children ages 8 and up. Even parents will enjoy working on the project with their children. It might even encourage them to plan a "road trip" to a forest or park which will inspire them get out of the house and explore nature.

The set includes two hikers who are enjoying a day of mountain climbing, along with a forest ranger who is observing a black bear which is out foraging for food. In this forest, there are animals, trees, plants and a mountain which has a beautiful waterfall cascading down the front of the mountain. The animals included are a squirrel, a bear, an eagle and an owl. It also has rabbits, turtles, butterflies and two mountain goats. 

Special items included are: pick axes, binoculars, and climbing ropes

Being a person who enjoys the beauty of nature, it is my hope that this Lego set will motivate others to go out and enjoy it too. 


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