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Local Doctor's Office


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Ever needed to see the doctor. Well now you can by going to the Local Doctor's Office and get taken care of. This set is built on a 16 x 16 plate and includes two mini figures. One mini figure is in the front and serves as a front office man while the other is in the back and serves as the doctor. Also in the back is a table for patients to either sit on or lie on. In the front you can find the front desk and four waiting chairs with two on each side of the desk. The front office man is protected by glass on the left and right sides. I built this creation because Lego has never done a doctor's office just a hospital so I thought this would be a great addition to any Lego City. In updates I will add a picture of the inside and on top of the building I will add white flat tiles.

Thank you for the support it is greatly appreciated.

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