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Lego Monopoly World Edition


I know there's several other versions of Monopoly on this site already, but none (that I am aware of) that are world editions.  This project is based on the official Monopoly world edition.  To make the playing experience more interesting, I have made the world landmarks out of Lego. 

So what does this project feature?  Here's a list:

  • 7 Lego tokens ranging from animals to robot heads (see the image below).
  • Colour-coded money system, avoiding down language barriers, a critical part of any Lego set in my opinion.
  • Separate bank with the facility to hold all the money, as well as all the title deeds, dice, tokens and houses/hotels
  • 360 Degree swivel ability - turn the board to face you when it's your turn and avoid having to reach over the board and knock pieces over!

Take a look at the pictures and don't forget to support me!  Any suggestions or feedback please leave a comment!  Thanks

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