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Labyrinth Movie Playsets


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Hi, and thanks for looking at my Labyrinth Movie Playset project :)


This is a work in progress, so i will add new pictures as it progresses.

I have planned 4 or 5 different scenes from the film, so please bear with me while i complete them all ;)

The sets would consist of:

The one pictured, where Sarah first meets Ludo tied in a tree, being attacked by goblins. The set would include Sarah figure, Ludo and 4 of the goblins who attack Ludo.

The Bog of Eternal Stench with Sarah, Hoggle and The Goblin King figures.

The two doors, (one who lies and one who tells the truth) with Sarah, Hoggle and the two door figures,

The scene where Sarah, Ludo, Hoggle and Sir Didymus are in the village at the end of the film, to include Sarah, Hoggle, Ludo, Sir Didymus and Ambrosius, and 4 little goblins in armor..

I have been planning to do a set for the staircase scene. This would be a great, fun playset, with many cool functions. It would include Sarah, Toby, and The Goblin King figures.

There will be many playable aspects of each set, but they would also serve as a nice display piece for collectors.

I will update regularly with news and photos where possible.

If you are a fan of the film, and would love to see a licensed set, then please do support my idea, and share with others.

Thanks for looking :)

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