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Rock Band Rehearsal


This model is a rock band preparing for their next gig! It features the band manager, (Front) who has control of the turntables and recording equipment. It also includes four musicians: lead guitar, rhythm guitar, keyboard, and drums. Behind them are the high quality speakers for pumping out awesome tunes. This model could be part of a LEGO City subcategory of band oriented sets. Other sets could include a full stage, amphitheater, a tour bus, and limousines for bands arriving for the show.

Separate of this particular set, another series could have replicas of actual bands. LEGO could create mini figure look-alike of actual members of bands such as the Greateful Dead, the Beatles, or the Rolling Stones. These mini figures would be part of larger sets and preforming on stages. These sets would cater to older adults. A limited addition, collector's series type of series. That would be very cool!