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Jochen Rindt's LOTUS 72C

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This is a Lego 1:8 scale of Jochen Rindt's 1970 Lotus 72C.
The original building technic mixes technic ans system parts in order to obtain the most accurate and enjoyable result.
It features V8 engine, torsion bar suspensions (following the real car that didn't use coil springs), differential, steering, cooling system.
Most of the modularity and fonctionnalities of the real car are reproduced.

Like the real one. That means a lot of variation can be built including various Lotus 72 or original lego car.

That thing is fairly big (around 50cm long) but it's very simple in a sense (as were racing cars of this time: a steering, an engine, four wheels and "allons-y"!!).
Hence, building process would be accessible to all.

Thanks to technic pneumatic hoses, you can recreate accurate exhaust manifolds and coolant hose.

This pic shows the wingless version, still accurate to the one used at Monza 1970.

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