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Large-Scale OverWorld Biome.

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Next in my new Biome series, The OverWorld. Simply a quiet little farm house with a chest for your hard earned loot, a cow for milk and beef, Furnace,and Wheat and Melon Crops. But when the Sun sets, your quiet little farm quickly turns into a battleground for survival!!! Is that the WITHER?!?!? Don't let that Enderman steal your Blocks either!!!

As with "Nether", "OverWorld" or "Planet Minecraft" is mainly for display but features a full pack of mobs and accessories to add to a growing LEGO Minecraft collection.

Full shot of the entire build. Featuring:

EnderMan (easily compatible with my Large-Scale Ender Dragon)
Chest Block
Melon Block
Grass Blocks
Wither Boss Mob
Wheat (standard grass pieces)
Milk Bucket
* Sword, Bow and Hoe.

Quaint little field for growing your food.

Currently my only attempt at the Cow so I`ll probably make the white patches more....patchy in the future.

Redisigned Cow with fresh this morning chickens. :D

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