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Billiard Room


This billiard room has everything a pool shark could want: an awesome billiard table with cue sticks and a full set of balls ready to rack. There's even a granny stick on a hanging rack with a colorful contemporary clock and a billiard triangle. The set also includes a little bar table with stools and a matching floor lamp and plant.

The best addition is the jukebox. Brightly colored lights frame this unique piece which houses a number of CDs. You can see the CD player through the glass and the top also lifts up so you can change the CD or look in from the top.

White stickers wrap around sticks to make the pool cues. Colored stickers wrap around the balls to distinguish the striped colored balls. A sticker is also made for the buttons on the jukebox. The blue floor base is not included. 

This set was made for all the billiard fans out there and those that love jukeboxes and hangin' out in a fun room.  

This would make a great lego set because you can see the way a pool table is made, learn about and have fun building a leisure sport, fun with color and complexity as you construct the jukebox brick by brick. Pick your favorite tune and be jammin' while playing your preferred version of billiards with two rockin' lego people. Loser racks!

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