Product Idea

The Hardy Boys

The Hardy Boys

The Hardy Boys is a mystery series written by Franklin W. Dixon.  There are over fifty books in this iconic series which follow the adventures of amateur dectectives Frank and Joe Hardy.  They travel around America and the world tracking suspects and solving mysteries.

This Project

This project includes Frank, Joe, the boys' convertible, their motorcycles, and their boat, the Sleuth.  The project also includes 3 small scenery builds (shown in the pictures).  Frank, Joe, and their vehicles are some of the few things found throughout the whole series, so I thought they would be the best thing to represent the Hardy Boys in a Lego project proposal.

Your Support is Needed

In order for this project to have success, your support is needed.  So, if you are a fan of the Hardy Boys, or just a fan of a good Lego project, please support!  Thank you.