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The SwallowTail


Prepare for takeoff!

A great model for display, while still maintaining play value, the SwallowTail is packed with functional elements and intricate details that all make for a great build. This model's design mimics a small bird (the V shaped tail wings resemble the tail of a swallow, among other similarities), giving the model a compact, agile appearance. At the same time, there are countless mechanical features throughout that lend a touch of steam-punk to this model. The most notable is the large, functional sawblade which dominates the rear half of the plane. Watch the video above to see it in action!

The SwallowTail features a full interior. The cockpit comfortably seats a pilot and a copilot, and behind them, there is room for a small workstation with a seat for a third minifigure, as well as storage space. The model includes two minifigures, a pilot and a copilot, but the set could easily include a third. 

Also included is a stand, which allows you to display the model either taking off, or in a dive (no modification necassary). The stand itself features a few mechanical details, like a short pipe and a spotlight.

A fun, engaging model that looks great both on a desk, or soaring through the bricky skies, the SwallowTail should appeal to builders of all ages. 

Thanks for the support!