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LEGO spies-spy train ambush

this is a set that me and my brother thought of called the Spy Train Ambush.
I got this idea when I was looking through the internet and saw somthing called LEGO agents.
I decided to look into it a bit more, but soon found out almost all the sets where either out of stock or about £150. So, I made a new theme called Lego Spies. This set is about three of the spies who have captured the Lord Villain Gas Mask and are on their way home. The villains sidekicks come to rescue him.........,

first: Gas Mask (villain)
second: Vanessa (goodie)
third: Yvonne (villain)
fourth: Gadget Man (goodie)
fifth: Black Strike (goodie)
sixth: Bruno (villain)

These characters will look similar to the above.

frunt carriage includes bunkbed, secret flap and weapon area.

second carriage includes door at back, prison cell with pop out window and two beds.

last carriage includes spy horse and diamond case.

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