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Bank Robbery Car Escape


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This car with jewels, money, and gold in the trunk. The purpose is they stole it because they are robbers.

In the front the little piece next to the steering wheel is supposed to be a radio like most cars have. In the front its an engine piece for some style. The trunk does open it has a little easy to take off piece. The car is slanted just a litte towards the front just to give it a look of speed. There are two exhaust pipes in the back with little fire coming from it. Lastly this lego (unofficial) set is just a small set for people who just like to play around with cars. It is very stable to the point where if you drop it from 1 ft.- 1.5 ft. it won't break. If you need me to calculate the total pieces I can. I would really appreciate if you would put this as a product. Thank you for your time.

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