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Native American Camp


This is a Native American, at his camp, trying to survive.

Wherever he goes, goes his lethal weapon and tool: the axe.

The tribal pole is said to protect him from dangerous wild animals, such as wolves and bears.

This set features 1 Native American minifigure, a fish, and a bird. The camp consists of a campfire and a roaster,on which the fish is being roasted, a tribal pole, two trees, a barrel full of nessecary tools and weapons, a table for chopping wood, and of coarse, a place for stacking the wood. The set also contains a canoe, lying beside the river. The man uses the canoe to explore the river in search of food and metal.

This would make a good set, because of the detail and realistic characteristics in the set. For kids,this would be a fun set to play with. For adults,it would be a nice house decoration, a good model to present on a shelf, or even for playing.

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