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Space Command Base


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In the future, better spaceships will be needed to defend the galaxy from evil aliens.

In the year 5001, two space explorers travel to planet Zeker-Zella to learn more about the crab-like aliens who inhabit this planet.  The natives of planet Zeker-Zella are know as Creabers.

In 5002 Zeker-Zella starts falling appart.  The two explorers escape with one Creaber, and flee to planet Etter-Vex.  Here they set up a base to study more of outer space.  The explorers add wepons to their space ships.  The one Creaber they saved became their mechanic.

This command base was built using about 191 pieces.  There are two minifigures, and one Creaber.

There are three  parts of the base: The rounded part, which is the main base and the two spaceships.

I hope you like it, and if you do please support and share it.


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