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Arrow Dynamics Looping-Rollercoaster Train


Rollercoasters! Everyone loves, or hates them and one company made them. Arrow Dynamics is knows as the manufacturer for some of the most iconic rides. For example the first ever steel rollercoaster, the Matterhorn Bobsled at Disneyland or the first ever rollercoaster to feature an inversion. This is what you see here. The iconic loopingcoaster train designed by Arrow Dynamix in 1969! A ride vehicle that would be used in nearly all major looping rollercoasters arround the world until the early 2000s.

The set itself comes with the train and a piece of the iconic Arrow Dynamics Rollercoaster Track.

For Rollercoasterenthusiasts this is one beloved and classic rollercoaster train from a nearly forgotten time period in the Amusementpark-industry!

So tighten your seatbelt and join this vehicle on a twisty track with fast loopings and steep drops!

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