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A Dutch Perspective

Cows, fields, cheese, windmills, and mobile homes are some of the things tourists use to describe the Netherlands. And although stereotypes are often exaggerated, these are fairly accurate. With this build, I wanted to combine many of the identifiable characteristics of Dutch culture into one tiny display piece. The idea behind the build is that due to perspective the size of objects gets smaller, this way more of the cultural characteristics could be included.

What dutch things can be found in the set?

  • A cargo bike, because it is even more dutch than a regular one.
  • Round Cheese, because what else would Dutch people be transporting by bike?
  • Cows
  • Tulips
  • A mobile home behind a car, which is something that is very recognized by our german neighbors.
  • Dutch trains, because the Dutch public transport is not just really good, but also very recognizable!
  • The Dutch flag
  • A windmill
  • A church, which can be found all over Europe, but is still special to some people from other continents.
  • Dutch Architecture with its iconic variation in the types of gables in canal houses.

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