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AC/Shelby Cobra


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The AC/Shelby Cobra was created when Carroll Shelby suggested that they put a Ford V8 in their Ace sports car. It was released in 1962, and has become extremely famous. So famous in fact, that many companies have built replicas, so any you see today is almost certainly a fake. It is also the reason British motorways have 70mph speed limits, as someone drove one on the M1 at 170mph.

Here is my 117 brick LEGO AC/Shelby Cobra it has:

  • Exhausts on the side
  • Front and rear number plates
  • A steering wheel
  • Space for one minifigure

If you would like it in any other colours, or have any suggestions on how to improve it, then leave a comment.

I you can think of any other cars that I should build, then comment and I may make it. If you like this, you may like my other projects, along with: JediPippin, Lightningtiger, LoneCoyote, Merida36, StudTech, TheLordOfBricks

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