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Batman: Joker's Warehouse


This set is based off the Batman: Arkham City story Harley Quinn's Revenge. The set took an hour to complete and had a lot of effort put into it. The set includes six minifigures which include:

1. Arkham City Batman,

2. Arkham City Robin,

3. Arkham City Joker,

4. Arkham City Harley Quinn,

5. Harley Quinn 'dwarf' henchman,

and Zasz.

The set alson includes two vehicles: Batman's quad-cycle and Harley Quinn's quad-cycle. As well as this, there is a box trolley and a wheelbarrow that the 'dwarf' henchman can move around. On the bottom floor, the is a rail track like in Harley Quinn's revenge. I added it for the quad-cycles to park on, and for an iconic look.

The top floor is home to a chair and a hat-hanger. The chair is purple and green, while the hat-stand is just purple. On this floor, Joker stands watching Zasz torture Batman with his familiar gaze.

This set would be about:

£25.00- UK

$30.00- USA 


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