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Concorde Model


The only aircraft to transport people at super sonic speeds, the concorde was a feat of engenering designed in the 1960's. The aircraft first flew on march 2, 1969. The concorde was powered by 4 olympus engines that would allow it to travel at a speed on mach 2 60000 feet above the earth. 


this is a large model that is built to mini fig scale. 36 passengers and 6 flight crew can be placed inside the model. The roof sections are removable to allow access to the interior. The interior is mirroed to the actual concorde, 2 galleys 1 forward and 1 arf, a lavatory in the front and 2 in the center of the aircraft and 2 distinct cabins are fitted with lether seats. The model also includes working allerons on the traileng edge of the wing and a model of the olympus engine. 

This would make a wonderful model to showcase the history of this amazing aricraft. Please support :)

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