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Dark Forest Witch Hut

Deep in the dark forest, the witch brews potions in her cauldron. Outside, ravens flock to the tree and bat-like bandits prepare to waylay travelers as the headless ghost rides by.

This set includes an easy-to-build witch hut that can swing open for easy internal play, as well as a brick-built tree, a ghostly skeleton, and two bandits. The interior of the hut is very detailed, and is designed for easy play.

Minifigures Included:

  • Bat Bandit (2)
  • Ghostly Horseman
  • Witch

Animals Included

  • Black cat
  • Baby dragon
  • Wolf
  • Ravens

Other Features

  • Potion rack with a variety of potions
  • Ingredients shelf including unicorn horn and bone
  • Cauldron
  • Opening windows and doors
  • Hut swings open to allow easy play