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Vertical Take Off Plane


Hey there! This idea was given to me when I saw a plane that had angled wings, and later, I saw another plane with vertical takeoff. The plane with vertical takeoff had a levitation system that was too hard to make, so I made my own on the tail! When I first made the plane, it was unmanned, but where's the fun in that? I adjusted the cockpit to hold a minifigure, so there you go. The radar on the front helps this plane navigate through storms and harsh weather, while the rotating engines in the back help it to land on the spot without a runway! The adjustable claws on the sides of the plane help it to grab on to special cargo, and the foldable wings make for easy storage, whether it be on a carrier or in a hanger.

I have a lot of fun with this plane on my own, and I know you will too!

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