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The Nerd Lab


Character touchup

I decided that some of the characters didn't look the way I wanted them to look if they looked exactly like in the Nerd Lab scene. So I decided that I'd fix them up a bit and add extra detail on some of them.

First off, Honey Lemon:

I added the lines around her lab coat and made her look skinnier but then I realized that her lab coat was to dark. So I redid her entirely so that her lab coat was brighter like it was in the scene. In other parts of the movie her lab coat was that dark.



Professor Callaghan:

He was easy; all I needed to do was gave him a belt and pockets and ad a black trimming near the top of his vest so that everyone can see more easily the shirt underneath.



Go Go Tamago:

She was the easiest; all I did was make her shorts longer and made her skinnier.

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