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The Nerd Lab


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The Nerd Lab is the third of six Big Hero 6 sets I'm posting here. This is my favorite of all the Big Hero 6 sets I made and I really hope it becomes a set. It has four sections in it, one for each scientist in the set.

Section one (pic two) is the bike section and belongs to Go Go Tamago. In the picture the bike isn't actually attached to the suspenders because I can't attach it with the Lego Digital Designer. There is a drawer on wheels against the wall. The wheels are actually roller blade pieces. The large grey board will have a sticker with notes that Tamago made. There is also a printer and three cupboards for storage.

Section two (pic three) is Wasabi's part of the lab. The trans blue 4x6 jumper plate can easily be removed and put back on. The red tool box has each of the tools displayed neatly and there are roller blade pieces on the bottom of it to represent wheels. On the desk is a bowl with a red apple in it, a computer and an ipad.

Section three (pic four) is Honey Lemons chemistry area. There are mixtures and bottles all over the place, on shelves, desks, counters and tables. There is also a book and a microscope on the back shelf. There's a black ball made with 200 hundred pounds of carbon fiber on the floor and a lever on the wall so that you can pull the lever and switch the black ball with a purple ball. There are also some boxes under the table.

The fourth section (pic five) is Tadashi's area. The tansparent bucket in the far right corner will have a sticker all around it with tiny black diamonds so that it looks like a waste basket. Baymax's charger is in the back of the room at the front of the picture. There is a chair on wheels in front of the charger for baymax to pic up and move aside. Every small build in this section is rested on one to two studs so that they can each be taken off easily.

Throughout the model are door frames with two green window panes in them. I believed that if this set came out it would be the first set to have that piece in a non - tranparent color.


This set includes 8 minifigures, 1 mega figure and 1 figure that isn't mega or mini.



Go Go Tamago 

Hiro Hamada 

Honey Lemon

Tadashi Hamada


Professor Robert Calaghan

Baymax who comes with a lolipop (not shown).


Baymax was made by a freind of mine whose username is pip9766.


I don' know which one will do better err so I made a few Big Hero 6 set designs.


You have been a good reader. Have a lolipop.

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