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Steampunk Dragon racer


Unseen to the untrained eye, two of the fastest vessels of the steam age attempt to out-maneuver their opponent high above the clouds. A dragon against a daring poilet. Who will win?

Lego Steampunk Dragon Racer

  • approximately 200 peices 
  • simple construction
  • Features: Two steampunk-themed minifigures, multi-jointed dragon and a steampunk glider.

Hello fellow lego enthusiast, this project marks as my second steampunk creation. The glider experienced many phases and forms, but I believe this version of it appeals to me, and hopfully you, the most. Originally the sails were going to be vertical and it evolved from there in many ways. The dragon was designed and created with help of my good friend and fellow lego builder, Frenchfries16. He was a vitial asset to the creation of this project. I have gotten his full permission to enter his imput into this project. As always, He and I appreciate any feedback and criticism for it helps us a lot for future projects. Keep an eye out for more projects soon and once again, thanks for reading this and Enjoy...   

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