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Rover: Lost in space


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Climb inside the Exploration Rover of Lost in space, the most cult land vehicle in the saga and help the Robinson family join the centaur's alpha for a better life

Based on the "Lost in space" franchise from Netflix se MOC features a spacecraft, butterfly doors true to the series and a recognizable look at first glance

-Transport the whole Robinson Crusoe into the Rover
- Overcome any obstacle with these all terrain wheel
-Can contain up to 6 figures
-Also goes through the roof hatch which is located above the driver
-There is also a winch at the rear to tow other vehicles or himself

The Robinson's need you to get to the centaur's alpha, help them support this lego project

This project will expand the lego Ideas space collection which includes:
-ISS 21321
-Women of nasa 21312
-Curiosity Rover 21104
-Saturne V 21309
This Lego team is missing everything a vehicle that transports them anywhere on a planet

approximately 300 pieces but this may change for the final
23 cm / 9 inch long
11 cm / 4 inch wide
12 cm / 4.7 inch high

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