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Rock Crawlers


The ultimate 4x4 Rock crawlers! These awesome machines include actual Lego spring suspension with great Articulation. Also there are cool colored Baja lights on the front and back of these trucks. Furthermore the is a huge blower sticking out of the hood of both these rock crawling beasts. These are easy builds with only about a hundred pieces each, perfect for young builders looking for off roading fun. Though these are simple builds, they can also make a great little desk display for adults. If these trucks were to become a set, I see this as a collectable series of different colors and baja purposes. This could also work as a simple creator set.

I am very proud of this particular build. I built these when I was about 6 years old with the help of my dad. For years my dad has been saying, “wouldn't it be great to submit these to lego”. But back then there was no Lego Ideas, so we simply forgot about them. Recently I remembered I had them and decided to submit them to here. Note that was 7 years ago and I am now 14. I found out about lego Ideas through buying the Back to the Future set years ago. I built these because I absolutely love trucks and 4 wheel off roading. This is a very special build to me and I hope you all enjoy and support.

-Caden Ellerington


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